Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clippings From "Land -The Livelihood"

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Clippings from "Nation For Sale"

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Holocaust 1933-45”
Nazism, the raise of Racism Genocides, Millions of Jews, Christians,
Gypsies and Handicapped cause to 2nd world war
European holocaust 1933- 45 was the blackest period in the history in
the world. Adolph Hitler raised racism in the name of Nazism which
initiated the genocide of Jews, Christians, Gypsies and disabled in
the name of establishing pure blood race in Germany, Poland and
Sweden. It is very relevant to rethink the holocaust again in the
Indian context. The fundamentalist tendencies in India are very much a
similar to Nazism leading to genocides in India. We had witnessed the
signs of the same in Gujarat, Orissa and the moral policing in
Mangalore and Bangalore. In this context, we need to sensitize people
about the wretchedness of pureblood argument and its action. So Sight
& Sound communication resource is promoting these films for the
understanding about the wretchedness behind racism.
These films are shot by U.S and U.S.S.R army documentary wing at the
time of holocaust in black and white. Later few film makers added
shots with color and sound. At present we are distributing these films
for the people. There are nine films of holocaust and there are twenty
other shot films on introduction and understanding on holocaust,
including a clipping from Great Dictator Sound communication resource.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Nation for Sale

“A Nation for Sale” 24min
This documentary film is addressing the agrarian crises. Agriculture is as old as human civilization. Till decade back farmers were lead a sustainable life. By the introduction of green revolution to address the food security of the growing population in India, the farmers turn to conventional farming by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It destroys the environment, bio-diversity, and consumer’s health and leads the farmers in to debt trap.1995 to 2010, 256949 farmers have committed suicide, due to debt burden. Problems of food security are haunting us every day. How safe is the food we eat? How secure is the process of food production? What kind of protection are we giving to our food producers? Govt of India is providing 1, 20,000 core rupees as subsidy to fertilizer manufacturing companies every year. That much money is sufficient to save the farmers from the debt trap and committing suicide.
The film A Nation for Sale probes deep into the hearts of farmers to find a solution for the betterment of their lifestyles. This movie is an attempt to reduce the debt burden of the farmers by practicing sustainable agriculture and enable them to achieve sustenance and self-respect. It also gives some essential guidelines for the policymakers to draft such policies as to improve the process of agriculture in harmony with nature.
This film has the statements of health professionals, environmentalist, farmers and other celebrities 
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“Land-The Livelihood” 26min
The land related atrocities on Dalits is probably as old as the relationship between Dalit and the land. Over the years hundreds of Dalits have been exploited and sometimes even killed for land.
The film “Land-The Livelihood” showcases how land including panchami land and bhoodan land, is still being grabbed from the Dalits by the upper caste/class people.
The film also explore the problems related the Government’s acquisition of land. And how the draconian land acquisition act 1894 has been misused time and again causes a great misery to the poor Dalit farmers. Other case studies included in the film talk about the highly controversial SEZ act 2005, issues of land privatization, land acquisition and people’s resistance to defend the livelihood as their rights.
The film journey through the people’s struggle and finally their resistance. The film concludes with Medha Patkar’s message “Either in jail or out on the road……… only the people will get the message..
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

violation of CRZ act in Tamilnadu

the CRZ -Costal Regulation Zone act says that no Resort or other habitation except fisherman is allowed with in 500 mtrs from the sea  But .in the short distance of 40km from Chennai to Mahabalipuram there are 312 resorts and food joints  are very much available now to constantly violating all the rules

unenjoyed Childhood in India